Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Commissioned by Rare Tea Company, London.

The end of 2017 culminated in a commission for my teaware from London based fine tea company 'The Rare Tea Company'. My tea ware is now available to buy from 'The Rare Tea Co.' website.


Tuesday, June 27, 2017


The winter period between 2016-17 culminated in the production of 3 batches of specialist tea ware including many works in porcelain. During the spring some of these works have gone overseas and now reside in USA, Canada and Taiwan. I have some mint condition Gong fu cups on my 'pots for sale link'. I make to commission mainly. These pieces take a long time to make and are expensive to produce. My stoneware 'Kyuso' (side handled) teapots are becoming popular amongst customers. I can produce stoneware quicker than porcelain and the regular small teapot for Gong Fu or Japanese tea retails at £150.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Oct 2016

October 2016

Now buttoning down the hatches towards winter. Focusing my time on making tea ware and Porcelain work.

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

MAKE 2015

Happy to be part of 'MAKE' this year. Hope you can make it down to see the Exhibition in Bovey Tracey over the Christmas season. Here's a sneak preview of one of the pots I'm exhibiting.

Showcasing over 50 of the UK’s best contemporary designer-makers, working in a variety of disciplines, with a range of prices to suit everyone, MAKE 2015 is an excellent opportunity to buy an individual piece of craft this Christmas.
Opening & contact details: FREE ENTRY. Open daily. 10am-5.30pm. 01626 832223   devonguild@crafts.org.uk   www.crafts.org.uk
Location: Devon Guild of Craftsmen, Riverside Mill, Bovey Tracey, Devon TQ13 9AF

PV/Exhibition Launch: Friday 13 November 6-8pm (please come – there’s evening dining too - invite your friends/colleagues/family!) BOOK: 01626 832223

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Assistance needed!

Application Information below, Please request a copy if necessary;

Dear applicant,

Thank you for requesting further information regarding opportunities at my Pottery.

First and foremost, I will review all applications and reply to successful candidates by the last day of each month until August 31st 2015 in this current round of applications.

If you do not receive a reply, do not consider it a failure, I only have a few available vacancies and I am managing this by myself. This is the first round of applications for this role at my business, therefore I cannot tell how many people may apply.

I will post any updates on my webpage and social media pages, detailed on this application information sheet.

If I am interested in working with you at a later date I will reply to you about the possibility of you coming at a later stage. If you apply late, or, on the last day of the month, I may not be able to reply to you that day and it will roll into following week.

Successful candidates should expect to make a visit to the pottery for a trial and meeting. Skype or phone interview may suffice for those further afield. A trial period will be necessary and the nature of your stay subject to review by me and you at determined periods.

I will outline some of what you may expect if you come and work with me.

Criterion for Applicants-

Applicants must be aged 17-28 and have some relevant experience/interest in studying or working in studio ceramics.

Applicants must send a C.V and covering letter with their intent for becoming either a full-time or part-time assistant/apprentice at my studio.  Please send up to 3 images of your work and a picture of yourself.

C.V must include date of birth.

The covering letter must  include the following;

Reason for wanting to work with me at my Pottery.

How long you intend to stay - Full-time or part-time, long/short stay?

(Short stay is roughly 3 month-6 months, or maybe shorter, long stay 6 months +).
(Short stay is not really that helpful to me unless you already have prior experience as it will not be enough time for you to learn much and be able to assist me properly).

What can you offer me and my business? What are your skills/experience? Do you have skills outside the ceramics trade? Computer skills, building skills, cooking, gardening, marketing etc.

What is your inspiration for being a potter/ceramic designer?

What are your other interests, hobbies, musical tastes, favourite artist, tell me about you.

Do you have equipment you would like to bring to the studio? I.e. personal wheel, etc.

Do you have a Driving licence? Do you have a vehicle?

Any other relevant information.

Keep covering letter relatively short between 500-1000 words if possible.

Applying for these opportunities -

Please read this application and follow the guidelines thoroughly.

Email your application to - jacob.bodilly@googlemail.com

Or write to me; Eden, Greenham, Devon, TA21 0JY. (‘0’ is Zero)

Please request any further information you may need.

Why I am offering this placement -

My business is growing each day, I cannot keep on top of all the work alone. I receive many commissions and attend many events that I need help with.

For the past year I have had my brother Lloyd help me at the Pottery. He is a very hardworking individual who does other voluntary work and is constantly offered part-time work elsewhere. Last year, when I began building my new workshop, my brother returned from India where he had been on a Tibetan Buddhist retreat in Dharamasala. He had no previous experience of ceramics and does not want to become a potter for his career, yet he has helped me full-time and part-time at the Pottery over the last year. He even learnt how to throw pots on the wheel. His animal figures sell regularly at exhibitions and from the showroom. Lloyd is now going to Taiwan for another journey and it is time for me to find an assistant who I can trust and also teach my practices to.

I want to give something back to the craft of pottery. I want to support young people with talent who want to get a foothold in their early career as a craftsperson/artist.

There is a growing call for apprentices in the craft sector, I offer my business as a place for you to train in your chosen craft.

Who am I offering this opportunity to -

Recent graduates, Self motivating people opting not to go to University (taking life experience route), International students, gap year,  part-time volunteers and self-motivated individuals.

Part-time, 1-3 days a week
Full-time, no less than 4 days a week

Volunteers and work experience may also apply.

My experience as a teacher -

I have had part-time assistants in the past. Students came from Falmouth University and others privately to my Pottery in Cornwall. Also I have experience working with groups, children and adults and have regular private pottery students. I have a degree in Ceramic Art,. I have also been a student, an artist in residence, an intern and a business start-up apprentice at the Leach Pottery, St Ives. I've been there myself!

My ethos-

Company motto - “Paying homage to the essence, nurtures the harmonious.”

I am a craftsman inspired by tradition, making work for the contemporary age. I have strong belief in tradition and functionality of the work. I believe in creating pottery that is both functional and beautiful.

My Practice/technique-

I am influenced by traditional and folk pottery. I am inspired by pioneer potters and master potters.

I primarily work in stoneware, I also use porcelain and earthenware.

I make and design tableware, ovenware, tea-ware, decorative work, personal works.

It may be said that I am working out of the Anglo-Oriental style of Pottery, yet I do not follow it blindly. I have a unique way of approaching time honoured shapes and techniques to make fresh and relevant work for the contemporary market.

I specialise in wood ash glazes and currently have 15 main glazes in my repertoire, these are constantly being re-tested and analysed. My glazes are all feldspathic  glazes, most are wood ash glazes.

I am moving towards wood firing  and plan to start salt/soda firing again. I spend two years producing Soda fired pots and have spent, at least, two years of my career producing Slipware (earthenware).

I primarily work on a traditional kick wheel.

Pottery is my study, my passion, and my way of life.

My Business-

I am an independent maker. I am a craftsman/artist/designer maker. I undertake every aspect of my business.

I accept many commissions and orders  for my standard-ware (tableware, etc.). These are then put to
order sheets and I work my way through them.

I accept commissions for bespoke works and, to date, this has included  designing and producing tableware for companies, producing replicas, collaborating with other artists, etc.

I supply boutique shops with my work. I rarely stock many galleries as the nature of my work is usually functional and not decorative.

I am offered events and festival dates to sell my work and to demonstrate my practice.

I teach workshops and private students.

I have a showroom and sell my work online via my webpage.

I organise and hold sales exhibitions.

My work has sold at auction and through antiques dealers.

My business is a growing enterprise.

My equipment and studio information-

My Studio is in an isolated rural location on the border between Somerset and Devon, England. It is surrounded in farmland , with nearby streams and rivers, small woodlands, and is in walking distance of the Grand western canal.

The studio is in fully functional state but there is still building work to do to improve it further, this is ongoing.

I have plenty of space and my workshops are easily turned into specific working areas to suit the changing nature of the work. The pottery is comprised of a showroom and porcelain room, main room and kiln room, throwing room, and end studio room with a large mezzanine attic above. Garden and parking/yard.

I currently have 2 electric wheels, and two Leach kick wheels. There is a porcelain area which houses one of the electric wheels. Small electric Nabartherm bisque kiln, 8 cubic foot Truefire gas kiln.

Electrics need to be improved to install my larger electric kiln. The 15-20 cubic foot gas kiln is under construction and will either be used for glazed stoneware or soda fired stoneware later this year. 2 pug mills, small bottle jack powered tile press. Basic tools including drills, saws etc.

I am moving towards building a wood fired kiln and within the next year hope to build a small phoenix wood fired kiln. This will be easier to achieve with help, and funding will eventually see this project finished.

Glaze mixing area. I stock most basic glaze materials but do not keep anything too toxic. I do not use toxic pigments or stains.

I have ample storage space in the mezzanine attic. We have a small garden for growing herbs and flowers.

The workshop is heated by wood burning stoves.  Water is collected from an outside tap. Use of toilet facilities with sink and shower.

I have a showroom area for customers and guests.

Internet and phone line currently not in use, to be assessed financially.

10 minute drive to nearest train station and town, 2-5 minute drive to local shop and pubs.

Bristol city 1 hour from train station. Exeter City, 30 minutes from station and by road. London, two hours  from station.

What I can offer you-

At the pottery I will teach you my skills and pass on my knowledge. Depending on the duration of your time with me, you will/may eventually be given dedicated space and time to discover your own work. This will be subject to nature of your time with me.

As my assistant and/or  apprentice you will learn every aspect of my business. You will travel with me to events such as festivals, markets and craft shows, open studios, etc. You will meet other craftspeople and visit other makers/artists with me.

You will be working towards producing viable products that I/You can sell, you will then profit from the sale of your work, either in the showroom, in-house exhibitions and sales events, or at other events.

You will be encouraged to fulfil your own designs after training to produce work for me.

When you are making viable pots, for sale from the standard-ware range, you may work at piece rate. i.e. you will be paid for each piece you make. This is subject to standard being obtained.

I offer you the use of my studios equipment and materials, and endeavour to make this a fulfilling experience for you.

There is scope to build two new kilns at the Pottery within financial reason, something you may want to be a part of.

You will be respected as part of my business and be promoted for your efforts.

Individual situations will all be assessed differently to benefit both me and you.

What I need and expect from you -

There are many things I may expect from you. Every day is different and some will be busier than others. I am looking for a flexible and talented individual who can turn their hand to many things.

Generally, I will need you to assist me to run the workshop. I ‘may’ need you to host guests, package pots, cleaning, kiln packing, clay and glaze preparation, cooking etc.  Will also need you to assist me at events such as festivals, trade shows, exhibitions, open studios, workshops etc.

I expect you to want to learn my technique and be willing to learn how to produce certain works for the standard-ware range. I expect you to want to function as a part of this business whilst you are here.

Initially there may be obstacles to overcome, such as funding, transport, etc. I need you to understand  we need to work together to make this a viable choice for both of us.

Outline of a day’s work (varies)-

Day starts between 8 -10 O’clock most days. (on average, some days start earlier, you may want to work early mornings or evenings)

Rough guide to the day - 

9am-12.30 Cup of tea/coffee and survey jobs, survey drying pots etc. general work.

12.30-1.30 prepare lunch, break.

1.30-3 work

3 tea/coffee

3-5/6 work

Evenings optional 6-10pm

Weekends optional and subject to what’s happening. Note: most festivals and shows are at weekends!

Firing days 8am-8pm

6-8 week firing cycle

Winter (lighting fires in mornings and stoking throughout day)

Generally, flexible days of work and time off etc.

The bottom line-

This is an emerging business and initially this is being presented as an unpaid/voluntary post. It is a new venture for me to take on full time assistants. This opportunity would suit someone who wants to be part of a growing enterprise, and wants to help support it in its founding stages. I expect you to work with me to make this a viable option for us both.

Funding is available for a full-time apprentice position. We will have to work in conjunction with funding bodies. I will urge you to seek funding if you need to. I will help in anyway  possible to make it viable for you to be part of my business. You may have some money behind you to fund this training and/or live locally enough to make it a viable choice.

There is scope to find accommodation to suit your needs but this will have to be organised either by yourself or with my assistance (to be arranged).

You must be flexible as to how you will make this work to begin with (Logistically and financially), especially with deadlines and waiting times for funding bids.

You may need to self-fund this, at least initially. (I worked on  building site to earn enough money to start my apprenticeship). You may be able to find a private sponsor or raise a crowd funding bid.

If you are part-time and travelling to the Pottery from a relatively local position I can assist this, and can also pick people up from the local train station (Tiverton Parkway).

Possible funding and grants funding - 

Web search; ‘trust fund for crafts’ 

Do some research, there are endless possibilities out there. If you are overseas you may find bursaries relevant to you in your location. Here are some-

QEST.org.uk ‘Queen Elizabeth Scholarship Fund’. (Have already sent positive response to me about this venture)(Applications start soon or next year!)

Adopt a potter.org.uk (Applications start in September)

Craft Central.org.uk - skills brokerage scheme


Conservation york.org.uk

David Canter memorial fund

Radcliffe trust grants

Voluntary Arts.org

Uk sponsorship.com

Crowd funding

Contact details-

Jacob Bodilly Pottery
Eden, Greenham
Devon, England,
TA21 0JY


Webpage - jacobbodillypottery.blogspot.com

Social media - Facebook, Instagram. Search ‘Jacob Bodilly Pottery’.